We all want to make the most money we can no matter how, right?
Well, maybe.
Then again maybe not ...
This is the story of my journey, how I went from hating money and all the bad things it has done; to loving it. I don’t love the money itself, but the way it can be used ‘as a tool’ to make the world a better place – and can make life more comfortable as well, who doesn’t?

We explore both levels of ethical investing; the personal and public, or social including the birth and early years of the movement, which later developed into an industry. We meet some pioneers – peeking into their early family lives, especially what influenced and motivated them, made them ‘tick’ three decades ago and what still drives them today.

It incorporates the small-scale story, my evolution as an ethical investor who’s travelled a parallel timeline to the modern industry over the last 30 years. Sure I arrived at a different place in terms of size and impact, however my story might be one that you, dear reader, can relate to more than the amazing accomplishments of some extraordinary individuals who’ve changed the world in enormous ways.

In my heart of hearts I hope you feel inspired and empowered to align your financial decisions with your values. If nothing else I can wish you an enjoyable read.

Please buckle up, your ride is about to begin …
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This book is NOT designed to give individual financial advice; it’s a story with facts, analysis and opinion only. I am not a financial adviser or planner and take no responsibility for any action that you take or do not take after reading this book.
Note of Caution
Please consult an independent, qualified, certified and registered financial planning professional BEFORE making major financial decisions or changing your financial plans.

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